Design and Construction.

This company has built a reputation for providing second to none solutions in the Design and Construction section of the industry.

We are able to bring to the table extensive experience in construction techniques and budget control and along with our chosen Consulting Engineering team provide a design that not only meets the clients exacting standards but provides real value for money.

Switchboard Manufacturing

Babinda Electrics maintains a switchboard building division for in house projects and industry at large. Our trained team is able to manufacture any LV switchboard up to and including over 7000A per phase in any form required.

High and Low current main and distribution switchboards are constructed in both custom built and a number of type tested modular enclosure systems on site in Cairns.

We have successfully provided switchboards to the Sugar, Fuel, Defense, Industrial, Commercial and Process Control industries.

Controls and Energy Efficiency

The Babinda Electrics Group Switchboard and Mechanical Services division’s personnel have experience in complex control system design, installation, testing and commissioning. With technicians that have detailed knowledge of pumping, motor starting, control circuitry, power generation and synchronization applications.

Working in these fields has provided excellent experience in process control, PLC installation and programming, SCADA, data acquisition and field measurement devices.

We are also able to provide BMS and DDC systems for complete system management and increased efficiency. Reduction of operating costs and energy efficiency can be implemented to save money and protect the environment.

Sheet metal

At our Newell Street Cairns facility we operate a complete sheet metal workshop where custom made switch board cubicles and air conditioning duct work and distribution systems are constructed.

We are able to keep full control of the manufacturing process and programming to ensure all product is on time and fit for purpose.

HV and Transformer Installation

High Voltage to 22 kV Installations include:

  • The supply and installation of Kiosk style pad mount sub stations up to 1000kVA
  • Indoor substations complete with HV switchboards, transformers and LV switchgear up to 3 x 1500kVA.
  • Wharf mounted HV/LV 22kV/415V pad mount sub stations complete with under wharf cabling for both 22kV and 415V systems.
  • Underground 22kV cabling, terminations and testing. Independent auditing of HV installations.

Generator Supply and Installation

We have generation projects ranging from small stand by sets to multiple 1mW stand by and prime power installations.

We have extensive experience in co-generation with supply authority mains and synchronization of multiple machines. Load shedding and load management systems have been common place.

Talk to us about a generating system that meets your individual needs.

  • Attenuated Louvres
  • Acoustic applications to generator and plant rooms
  • Engine exhaust installations
  • Remote cooling systems including heat exchanger systems.
  • Fuel Storage Systems


We are one of the leading suppliers of communication and structured cabling systems in our region.

We have accreditation in a number of major brands of connectivity hardware to provide up to 25 year site warrantees.

We have provided Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and both single mode and multimode optical fibre systems to all aspects of the industry from Commercial, Education Queensland, Queensland Health, Queensland Government, Defense, Universities and International Air and Sea Ports.