Electrical & mechanical services in Cairns & Far North Queensland

Babinda Electrics Pty Ltd is Cairns-based, privately owned and operated electrical engineering, contracting, switchboard manufacturing and Mechanical Services companies active in all types of Electrical and Mechanical Contracting in northern Queensland and the Torres Straits.

From Babinda Electric’s origins in the small sugar town of Babinda in 1968, we have grown to an electrical and mechanical contracting business that will rival any in Queensland.

Quality Assured

A Quality Assurance (QA) system to Queensland Purchasing QA requirements is in place that is regularly audited by an independent accredited body. Workplace Health and Safety systems are implemented to conform to all relevant standards and the safety of our employees and customers is paramount in all our operations.

We are dedicated to providing first rate design, installations and service to clientele throughout the complete spectrum of the electrical and mechanical industries.

We provide a day to day service/installation business that is quite comfortable in installing a fan or a power outlet in a remote island school in the Torres Straits. This is then supplemented by a business model that provides complete electrical / communication and complex mechanical installations in the commercial and industrial markets to multi million dollar projects in the private and public sector.

Please contact us either by telephone or on the links provided to discuss how we can be of assistance.